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Duo Corvi currently offers five concert programs for live performance:  

        1. Amor mi fa cantar a la francesca — Songs of Medieval Courtly Love

        2. Llibre Vermell de Montserrat — The Red Book of Montserrat

        3. Cordiform — A Fifteenth-century Book of the Heart

        4. Bel ami Alamanda — Songs of the 13th-century joglar and trobairitz

        5. Manuscrit Bayeux (circa 1500)


Depending on the program, we perform with a combination of voice, portative organ (organetto), clavisimbalum, percussion, and symphonia. 

Performance length can be varied upon request (30-90 minutes). Pre-concert lectures, instrument demonstrations, and educational activities also available.

Technical requirements: 

two chairs, a small table, two music stands, and appropriate lighting for indoor or outdoor performance. Additional chairs/stands as needed if performing with additional guest musicians.

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