Duo Corvi currently offers  five  concert programs:  

        1. Amor mi fa cantar a la francesca — Songs of Medieval Courtly Love

        2. Llibre Vermell de Montserrat — The Red Book of Montserrat

        3. Cordiform — A Fifteenth-century Book of the Heart

        4. Bel ami Alamanda — Songs of the 13th-century joglar and trobairitz

        5. Manuscrit Bayeux (circa 1500)


Depending on the program, we perform with a combination of voice, portative organ (organetto), clavisimbalum, percussion, and symphonia. 

Performance length can be varied upon request (30-90 minutes). Pre-concert lectures, instrument demonstrations, and educational activities also available.

Technical requirements: 

two chairs, a small table, two music stands, and appropriate lighting for indoor or outdoor performance. Additional chairs/stands as needed if performing with additional guest musicians.


Sample programs:


Duo Corvi

Julie Ryning, voice & symphonia

     Katelyn Clark, clavisimbalum


— Songs of Medieval Courtly Love

This programs follows the theme of courtly love and weaves through the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries with the work of lyric poet Walther von der Vogelweide, trecento ballate from the Rossi Codex, and virelai from the satirical allegory Le Roman de Fauvel. The concert culminates with the gorgeous virelai Douce dame jolie, written by French poet-composer Guillaume de Machaut. 

1. Under der linden

(Walther von der Vogelweide, c.1170-c.1230)

Four anonymous ballate from the manuscript        

Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Rossi Codex 215

(fourteenth century):

2. Per tropo fede talor se perìgola

3. Che ti çova nasconder 'l bel volto

4. Lucente stella che 'l mio cor desfai

5. Amor mi fa cantar a la francesca



Three anonymous love songs from Le Roman de Fauvel, manuscript BN fr.146, Paris (fourteenth century):

6. A touz jours sanz remanoir

7. Je, qui poair seule ai de conforter

8. Douce et de tout noble afaire

9. Douce dame jolie                                                                (Guillaume de Machaut c.1300-1377)


Duo Corvi

Julie Ryning, voice & symphonia

     Katelyn Clark, organetto & clavisimbalum

The Red Book of Montserrat

anonymous, c.1399

The “Llibre Vermell” or “red book” was compiled at the end of the fourteenth century near the Montserrat monastery in Catalonia. Ten pilgrim songs of devotion are preserved within the remaining pages of the book — these include a mix of texts in Catalan, Latin, and Occitan and a variety of musical forms, such as virelai, ballad, and motet. The red book represents a significant meeting point for secular and sacred music of the late 1300s, and captivatingly mixes dance forms with devotional practice. 

1. O Virgo Splendens

2. Stella Splendens                                                                


3. Laudemus Virginem                                                          


4. Splendens Ceptigera                                                          


5. Mariam Matrem Virginem


6. Cuncti Simus Concanentes                                              


7. Los Set Goyts

8. Inperayritz de la Ciutat Joyosa                                        


9. Ad Mortem Festinamus                                                  


10. Polorum Regina